New Life Ignites EP

by Red Kites

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released June 22, 2013

Moteh Parrott - Vocals & Guitar
Liam Trevor - Guitar
Andrew Reeves - Drums
Craig Ferguson - Bass
Jan Cees Samsom - Piano, Percussion and Vocals



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Red Kites UK

Red Kites music is epic yet intimate, combining emotive lyrics and sweeping melody delivered with a fierce determination. Balancing pop songwriting with raw celtic-tinged alt-rock and an unpredictability which is entirely their own, the band’s unrestrained creativity lends a refreshing edge to their take on modern rock music. ... more

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Track Name: Plans
A one track mind
Is sure to win
He calls the shots
He knows where he’s going

But he works through the days making plans
He’ll never live with his head in the sand
As the beauty of the journey passes

We were always on the outside, but locked in
Let the light through all the plans our minds lost in
Though the grass may be greener, I’m not waiting
‘Cause now we know

A heavy heart
Is sure to lose
We’re young, we’re smart
And times surely ticking

We hold on to all of these plans
But they’re held light in our hands
Content with the taste of freedom
Track Name: Threads
We came to order accidentally
A river’s path follows gravity
And these machines are always innocent
We drift along in insignificance

I break in down and put it back again
Try to make sense of the loss of him
A frame of mind has been broken in
The pane like ashes scattered in the wind

And before you know…

Hits like a head-rush
Into the unknown
I try to reach out
I don’t want to be here

Here’s an alternative philosophy
Patterns of truth in the tapestry
How can infinity just be?
The beauty lies in the mystery

I’m crying out for a reason
A spark of light to help me see again
I came to terms with the simplicity
A thousand reasons wouldn’t change a thing

Every time I look at how
Time’s changed
Life’s frayed
I remember all these threads
And they make me lose my mind

Hits like a head-rush
Into the unknown
I try to reach out
I don’t want to be here
Track Name: Lizzy Jane
Meet you there on the other side
I drove for miles in the dark of night
This Zen ain’t going down without a fight
Cause I still have you

It’s been a while now or so it seems
We had our hopes and we had our dreams
Although I know we didn’t make a scene
I wouldn’t change anything

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Till, till I am by your side
There, there on the other side

You are the beat and I am the ear
You are the vision in my head I hear
‘Cause Lizzy Jane and I are going to steer
Back to the future

Feel the fall of the electric hail
A nine point five on the Richter scale
The peak of the sound wave’s sail
Is where I find you

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Here, here in my mind’s eye
I’ll, I’ll take you for the ride

Do you feel alive?
We will survive
We will be heard
For what it’s worth

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Till, till I am by your side
There, there on the other side
Track Name: Midnight Lights
Photo, brothers in arms caught through the lens
On the rooftop
We were at our height
Torness, we lit the fire with our guitars
In the bothy
We were alight

These fragile memories
Remind of what it means

I can feel something inside
And it spells your name tonight
Walking here is like your smile
‘Cause you’re walking by my side

Brother, you stoke my fire beyond the grave
In this city
The spark has caught, new life ignites
I know, after I walked false avenues
It hit me
We will unite
Track Name: Granite City Sunshine
Had a thought to myself that night
As we contemplated starlight
Won’t you come and walk with me
We’ll go create a memory

Face turned towards your fire
A silence hangs to be admired
As I looked into those eyes
I could see a thousand years go by

If you ever tire of me
Just say and then I’ll see
One kiss and you’ll be free
Whatever makes you happy

Till that day it comes to pass
We’ll show that love can last
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
My everyday valentine

The irony leaves me shaken
Naïve of the world at nineteen
Times have changed we were mistaken
A song wrote a promise broken
But these words are not forgotten
They’re just thoughts of a time we were lost in
They will stand the test of time
And like granite in the sunlight shine

Had a thought to myself last night
The weathers change from black to white
Like I was yours and you were mine
My Granite City sunshine